“After Hurricane Sandy, Turn-key helped us not only put our building back together but also our lives.”

–Ruth Mitchell, Building Owner

“Rich Herschlag is more than a top engineer. He is an innovator capable of high-level out-of-the-box thinking.”

–Marc Landis, Real Estate Attorney

“Rich Herschlag is the professional engineer I call when the project is not routine.”

–Andrew Lambert, Architect

“Turn-key is where I send literally every client with a structural issue.”

–Nina Wolfe, General Contractor

“Rich Herschlag was able to work at least a few small miracles while reinforcing our hundred-year-old building in Manhattan.”

–Peter Green, Co-op Board Member

“I own multiple properties and have relied exclusively on Turn-key for structural work for over ten years. Rich and company designed my carport, opened up one of my living rooms, and reinforced an entire unstable house. If it’s structural, these guys can do it.”

–William Staples, Homeowner and Landlord

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