Our services include:

As your one-stop shopping for structural and engineering improvements, we offer a wide range of services to meet all of your needs. 


  • Temporary stabilization is essential to maintaining the existing structure during restoration.
  • Jacking normally takes place over multiple days or weeks to allow the structure to adjust to the new position without damaging related structural or finish components.
  •  Timber, laminated wood products, steel flitch plates, and steel I-beams all have ideal applications. Careful, customized engineering ensures the maximum strength while keeping down costs.
  • All detailing is performed in-house.
  • Working with municipal officials during permitting and inspection is critical to a streamlined project.
  • Typically, reinforcement is hidden, allowing for complete restoration.
  •  Projects are certified and sealed in-house to ensure safety and maximize resale value.

Cost Efficiency

  •  Buildings slated for partial or complete demolition can often be saved. Creative stabilization may cost less than demolition-let alone reconstruction.

Adding Value

  • Property values will typically increase far more than the cost of the project.
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