Turn-key Structural is a unique company dedicated to the correction of major structural problems in commercial and residential buildings. Structural improvements can be daunting to the owner of a home or building. If there is a structurally unsafe or unsound condition, the following four phases of work need to be completed successfully:

1. Identification

Requires forensic investigation of the structure by a professional engineer. A written report describes the nature, extent, and causes of the problem.

2. Plan of Corrective Action

Requires a professional engineer’s knowledge of structural behavior, relevant codes, and cost efficiency. A written report describes various alternatives and makes an overall recommendation. The recommendation includes a sequence of operations and a cost estimate.

3. Design Drawings and Specifications

Requires a professional engineer’s ability to solve problems creatively, perform calculations, develop drawings, and select materials. The drawings and specifications serve multiple purposes: to allow municipal officials to review and permit the project, to allow contractors to submit bids, and to establish a complete and viable work plan for the contractor. Following completion of the project, the drawings and specifications along with additional notes and field drawings provide permanent documentation of the work for all interested parties.

4. Corrective Action

The contractor undertaking a structural repair must have substantial experience in this type of work. Critical aspects such as temporary support; proper use of timber, masonry and steel; and transferring loads to the new reinforcement are issues not only of quality but also of safety and cannot be left to chance. In addition, often the contractor must be able to integrate plumbing, electrical, and HVAC alterations into the project.

We have the ability to address all four of these phases, saving the client time, money, and aggravation.

We will provide engineering through the first three phases. For Phase 4, Corrective Action, we will recommend one or more highly qualified structural contractors. Of course, the client may also select his or her own preferred structural contractor. In either case, Turn-key Structural will work closely with the contractor, performing inspections and review to ensure high quality work.

As experts in structural repair, improvements and renovation, Turn-key Structural has over two decades of experience. This experience is critical because recommendations and designs are virtually worthless if they cannot actually be performed affordably. Turn-key Structural focuses on “means and methods,” so that any solution recommended and brought to the design stage is a practical and efficient one.

We are known for being the most informative. 

We believe that the more informed the client, the higher his or her satisfaction and the better the overall outcome of the project. For these reasons, Turn-key prides itself on educating the client wherever possible throughout the duration of work. Feel free to ask us anything, even if you haven’t hired us yet. This website is dedicated to informing property owners, managers, and the public at large!

We have 25 years of experience in solving difficult structural problems that few others can or will touch. Our design-build approach assures your building’s structural problems will be corrected with maximum efficiency, ultimately saving you time and money. We restore safety, appearance, and value.


  • Structural damage assessment and repair
  • Structural reinforcement
  • Sheeting, shoring and underpinning
  • Insurance claim assistance and expert witness services
  • Foundation design and reinforcement
  • Residential and commercial building renovation
  • Drainage studies and improvement
  • Water damage prevention and restoration

Structural engineers are typically trained to design new structures. Finding a structural engineer to address a complicated structural problem in an existing building can be difficult. Once that has been accomplished, there is no guarantee that the corrective design-for which you have probably already paid top dollar-can actually be carried out.

Turn-key Structural’s design-build approach to structural problems involves the engineer, general contractor, and client working together from the conceptual stage of the project to its conclusion. This coordinated approach helps eliminate the possibility of design oversights, incompatibility between design and field conditions, and cost overruns due to poor planning. This same approach also ensures that the owner understands his options, their associated costs, and the aesthetics of the project-literally, what it will look like.

Working within an existing structure means as much focus on preservation as on construction. It means cutting, fitting, and joining new components to old, and often developing customized steel connectors to transfer forces. It means jacking joists and girders to their original or near-original positions while minimizing damage to existing walls, floors, and roofs. It means utilizing the existing foundation and frame wherever possible to avoid using up otherwise free space. It means preserving the original appearance of the interior and exterior where possible and matching the original overall aesthetic where not possible.

Having an experienced design-build team in your corner for the duration of the project helps make these goals viable and ensures that bumps in the road will be smooth.


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